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The Racoon Wedding :: Gather Gather Bones/Rattle Rattle Truth

Download The Paper Boy from The Racoon Wedding's album, Gather Gather Bones/Rattle Rattle Truth Sounds Like : they're gonna rip your ribcage out and find your heart RIYL : White Rabbits, Portugal. The Man, Fanfarlo, Rolling Stones ala Beggar's Banquet From the Press Release : Forming from the ashes of Vermicious Knid, and authoring songs in the basement of the all ages not-for-profit art space they own in a nook of the city’s forgotten downtown, frontman Tim Ford and company boast a sense of loyalty to their community that few other bands share. On their debut LP, Gather Gather Bones/Rattle Rattle Truth , issued this October via their own Ford Plant Recordings Co., the band enlisted the help of engineer Leon Taheny (of the Final Fantasy recording credit) and hammered out a record that teems with the spirit of long-forgotten roots music. It’s indebted to the history of mighty back porch music: unbridled, unedited, beautifully intense.
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Low Anthem Video for "Charlie Darwin"

The Low Anthem - Charlie Darwin - Official Video from End of the Road Films on Vimeo . RIYL: Bon Iver, Fleet Foxes, Springsteen (circa Nebraska ) Rhode Island trio The Low Anthem have released a brand new stop-motion video for the lead song, "Charlie Darwin" on their Nonesuch debut, Oh My God, Charlie Darwin . The band has been touring the US with Blind Pilot, and after a brief stopover in Europe, will finish out the year with Josh Ritter in December.

CONTEST! Win Tickets to See Whitey at The Railway Club in Vancovuer

Whitey puts the "F-U" back in Funk. Download the track "West of Hope" to hear what I mean. What : Two free tickets to see indie post-funk sensation, Whitey, at The Railway Club in downtown Vancouver. When : Friday! Friday! Friday! (6 November) How the funk do I get them? Leave a comment. That's all. RIYL : Vampire Weekend, Ozomatli, Cat Empire A Few Words : We don't do ticket give-aways very often here at Duck & Cover. In fact, we don't do them at all. Which is why this is such a special event. Well, it's a special event so long as you live in or around Vancouver, BC. So here's what happened: these two tickets to Whitey just fell off the back of a truck. No, really. They were just sitting there. So I'm turning my good fortune into an opportunity for you, my loyal reader(s). All you have to do to win the tickets to see Whitey at The Railway Club this Friday is to leave a comment . . . that's it! That's all! I'll put a

White Rabbits :: It's Frightening

Band :: White Rabbits Album :: It's Frightening Song :: They Done Wrong / We Done Wrong Sounds Like: The Midwest strikes back. RIYL: Spoon, The Walkmen, Tapes 'n Tapes A Few Words: White Rabbits (the band) is living in NYC, it's true. However, they are, by all accounts, from the Midwest. This is only a point worth mentioning because I am also from the Midwest, so we have a lot in common that way. Which is to say we have an inherent understanding of vast distances, wind, and non-existent public transport (unless you count Chicago). White Rabbits could also be that band you know you've heard of, but can't remember. For all their PR efforts it's amazing how easily they continue to slip under the proverbial radar (not sure if "radar" is an acronym when used in a cliche, but I'm guessing not). For example, they've been on NPR's "World Cafe" and on Letterman. Furthermore, they played Glastonbury in 2007 PLUS their new album,

Celebrate Halloween with Peter Squires's New Video, "Witch"

I don't usually do festive or holiday posts. In fact, the closest I get is writing some kind of seasonal bent against a track, and only then when I've had too much coffee and can't find any relation to a song other than what the weather is doing. I just think holiday-themed posts / articles are lazy. But Halloween is different. Why? Because Halloween, to paraphrase Wesley Willis, whips a horse's ass. So when Ryan from The Musebox put me on to Peter Squires a few days ago, I knew it was going into the annals of Duck & Cover (that's right, I said "annals" on the Internets). From the Press Release: Peter’s direct and honest vocal delivery is reminiscent of contemporaries such as Kimya Dawson and Luke Temple. The album is all heart, laid bare for our aural pleasure. Woe Is Me was recorded in Peter Squires’ Brooklyn bedroom and is available on his website for fans to download at no charge. The first video from the album is “Witch” and it was just re

Little Girls :: Concepts

Sounds Like : you need to be careful how you phrase the question RIYL : Psychocandy , Joy Division, A Place to Bury Strangers A Few Words : It's raining. So guess what? You get droney new wave noise pop. It's actually a miracle you don't get this kind of music more often considering my geographic location. Meteorologists only appear on TV here when the forecast is NOT overcast and drizzly. Needless to say, I haven't seen one for weeks. So yeah. Little Girls and their album Concepts . I was joking with a good friend of mine recently that it's difficult to profess ones love for this band. Not that it has anything to do with their sound (which I do, indeed, love), just their name. Imagine, if you will, the awkwardness arising at the daycare center when a shabby, bearded man exclaims to his pal, "Oh, I LOVE 'Little Girls'!" Gasp! Horror! And a dozen yoga moms are on their iPhones Face-apping and camera-phoning the perpetrator. Uh oh. One-way ticket

The Swimmers :: People Are Soft

Sounds Like : thankfully, the music overshadows the cover art RIYL : Phoenix, New Order, The Strokes, Franz Ferdinand A Few Words : I took one look at their cover art and very nearly wrote off The Swimmers altogether. It seemed like it would be an album full of derivative synth pop tunes that bounce from cliche-laden verse to chorus and back again. Yet into the player it went. Considering my patience is thinner than Donald Trump's hair plugs, the fact that I listened to the entire disc says something. There are just enough surprises on People Are Soft to keep the album interesting. Just. Let me just say this: if a track from the album popped up on shuffle, I wouldn't skip it. That's a good thing. Seriously. Band :: The Swimmers Album :: People Are Soft Track :: What This World is Coming To